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Getting Traffic But No Sales... Or Just No Traffic At All! 

Getting traffic but no sales? Let’s talk about how to fix it.

No matter where I look this is the number one question everyone asks me.

If you’ve set up an e-commerce website on Shopify or created a landing page with Clickfunnels and you’re getting traffic but no sales, this article is for you.


First of all, let me explain something.

There is a typical misconception among online marketing newbies.

And that misconception is the idea that traffic is the solution to all your problems.

In case you’re a complete newbie: Traffic simply refers to website visitors in online marketing lingo. We’re not talking about traffic on roads in the real world.

We’re talking about traffic on the “roads” of the Internet.


Why Traffic May Not Be Your Problem


When it comes to the websites and converting there are 100s of reasons why you're not converting sales here are the top 3 reasons.


  1. Website To Busy / Website Not Professional Or Branded

  2. Don't Have The Right Apps Installed

  3. Not Targeting The Right Customers  ( Ready To Buy Now Customers )




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