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Your Package Inclusions & Terms Of Use







You have purchased a fully functional website that has been built using the SHOPIFY platform. MGS do not accept responsibility or liability for issues relating to the platform.

The cost of your package does not include additional functionality outside of the Shopify Platform.

The website is sold ‘as is’ therefore any requested changes to the website will incur charges at our discretion. Please visit should you wish to add on additional functionality





If you have chosen to get a custom store built, you have input into the layout (based on our current store for sale), logos (up to 4 options) and colour scheme for your new website.

Included in a custom store build is 1 round of changes only, any further requested changes to the website will incur charges at our discretion.





We source the suppliers for you & Open Your first 5 Supplier accounts We do not recommend dealing with any more than 5 suppliers unless you are holding stock and warehousing.

Your Labile to keep on good terms with the suppliers.





We offer an online Training Library that gives you access to multiple marketing & website training videos and documents. You have unlimited access to our Training Library.




With the BUSINESS PLUS Package, you have access to your designated Client Services Manager via Skype for all business training (Skype is an online tool allowing you to have video, screen sharing and phone conversations over your computer via the app).

You Get Access to 2 x 1 Hour Training Sessions Per Week Until You have completed your full training schedule.

Booking training will be done on the training website Please note you must book your own training sessions you cannot book more than 1 weeks in advanced our systems will automatically delete them out of our system.



The initial training sessions will cover; setting up payments via PayPal, website Stripe ( Credit Cards Payments,) You Will Learn how to do the following.

Introduction to Training Videos

How To Book Training

Demonstrate automatic listing

Google Chrome extensions

Using Shopify

Using Suppliers

Using Drop Shipping Apps

Using Global Pricing Rule

Editing Variations + Pricing

Product research Using niche hunter

Refine product listing skills

Canva - editing images

eBay Listings

Marketing Facebook / Instagram



IF YOU NEED EXTRA TRAINING ( Please note we have live webinars daily )


Any extra 1 on 1 training will be a cost to you.

Billed in  1-hour training sessions at $49.95.




Marketing Global Stores Runs Weekly Webinars

eBay Webinars 11 am QLD Monday Wednesday Friday

Free for All eBay customers You will get an email 2 hours prior to the webinar.


Shopify Webinars 11 am QLD Tuesday & Thursday Free for All Website customers You will get an email 2 hours prior to the webinar.


You will then have access to your Client Services Manager sporadically based on your requirements and needs for the duration of your package*. The package timeframe commences from the date of purchase.

NOTE: You need to book at times via the link provided to you should you need further assistance.

We do not provide training to your family members or friends. The 1-1 training will be provided to the business owner only, should you wish someone else to be present during training sessions, you will need to notify your Client Services Manager prior to the session.

All correspondence with your Client Services Manager should be conducted via 1800 640 418 OR emails between 9 & 5 Monday To Friday.




We have submitted your URL (domain name) to the search engines, and we have set up a plugin called SEO by SEO KING.

This plugin ensures your site has the correct keyword meta titles, H1 tags and meta descriptions on your homepage. This does not guarantee that your website will show up on the search engines. Your store is enabled for optimisation only. The cost of your package includes the home page optimisation only and does not include specialized SEO work i.e. backlinks, blog posting, product SEO and other SEO activities. Please contact us if you would like a recommendation to an external SEO company that can do this on your behalf



Facebook: Set up on the Facebook business page and up to 3 to5 posts per week for your package duration.


Instagram: Set up on an Instagram page and up to 3 to 5 posts per week for your package duration.*

*All social media posts will not be prior approved to posting, so should you not like a post that has been shared, you can delete it. It is up to you to communicate directly with your Client Services Manager about the style of posts you would like and which 2 platforms you wish them to focus on (Facebook & Instagram).






We will upload the products included in your package to your website. This includes simple & basic variable products and does not include multiple variations.

You need to supply us with the product name, price, description and high-quality image/s (this is usually sourced from the supplier’s website).




  • Marketing Global Stores Will Not Refund You For Change Of Mind. 

  • No refund can be made after your website / eBay store is live.

  • Google Adwords Management Fee is non-refundable.  


Refund Approvals 


  • Requesting refunds must fill out refund application form please allow 3 to 7 business days for a response & please allow 7 to 21 business day for approved refunds. 


Refund On holding Deposit


100% refund will be given if you cancel your service within 24 hours.


Requesting refunds of the deposit after 24 hours our team will start building your store + opening accounts a refund after 24 hours of you paying your holding deposit will be worked out and deducted from the holding deposit.


If you have any questions please email :






As an option, we can install a Live Chat plugin to your website.

As this is an optional feature let you Client Services Manager know if you would like this installed and activated. Depending on the Live Chat plugin you choose there may be additional costs.





Included in our Business Website packages is an Instagram Shop. Please refer to your Client Service Manager will set this up for you.


2-week grace period


All package inclusions & services abovementioned are to be completed within the allocated time frame of your package from the date of purchase including a 2-week grace period.

The free 2-week grace period allows for that initial time after purchase where there is some waiting for product uploads etc and not much you can do during this time.

As an example, if you purchased the Business Website Package on the 1 January, your package inclusions and services will expire on the 15th July.



Changes to website / eBay Stores


All websites & eBay stores come with one round of changes on your handover over a day once the final changes are made your 100% liable for any other changes.

Marketing Global Stores Will not be liable for any changes made after the handover. 




You’re 100% owner of your website / Business.

Like all business, you must put in the time












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