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The Ultimate Instagram Guide for Dropshippers

Promoting their store through social media is an area that most dropshippers seem to struggle with. When done correctly, this can be a very lucrative and cost-effective way to increase both your revenue and profit margins. How often do you see someone killing it with social media marketing and wish it could be you? I can tell you now that they’re likely using very simple strategies that can be easily replicated and improved upon.

In this article, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to improve your dropshipping stores with Instagram. I’ll cover how to create high-converting Instagram ads, how to organically build your following and how to reach out to prominent influencers within your niche.

Creating Profitable Instagram Ads

Undoubtedly the best way to rapidly increase the revenue of your dropshipping store is with high converting Instagram ads. To start with, you want to limit your ads to Instagram feeds and stories. These have proven to generate the highest conversions and any other placements will likely only lead to you burning money.

Secondly, you want to target a broad enough user base that still has enough users in it to keep average costs low. Ideally, you’ll craft your target audience using a few demographic, behavioural and interest filters. A target audience size of 1 million will likely get the best results for a niche dropshipping store.

Importantly, you also want to encourage users to purchase today with a relevant call-to-action. A simple ‘buy yours today’ or ‘limited time offer’ will dramatically increase your conversion rates and helps set you apart from the average dropshipper.

Organically Building Your Instagram Following

Building a sizeable organic Instagram following is another important part of the equation. Now, I’m not suggesting that you need an audience above 10,000 but reaching at least 1,000 followers is very achievable without implementing spammy follow and unfollow practices.

To consistently build your following, you should look to make 2-3 posts to your page per day. Research hashtags related to your niche that receive 100,000-500,000 searches per month and regularly include these in your posts. As you continue to gain traction, you will likely pick up an easy 10-30 followers per day on autopilot. This really adds up over time and adds a sense of authority to your dropshipping store.

Reaching Out to Prominent Influencers

Wanting to reach an engaged audience but don’t have the advertising budget to spend? Instagram influencers can put your product in front of their targeted audience for very cost-effective prices. To get the best deals, you’ll need to know exactly how to reach out to them.

Instead of immediately messaging them and asking for their rates, start by complementing their profile. Say that you’re a fan of the engaging content that they put out and would love to work together. Taking this kind of personal interest in them shows that you care and would be a good partner to work with. As a guideline, you can probably promote your product to an audience of 100,000 for 24 hours for $50 or less with this method.

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