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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads for Australian Dropshipping Stores

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads for Australian Dropshipping Stores

Facebook ads are far and away the quickest and most efficient way to scale your drop

shipping store. Unfortunately, many drop shippers tend to needlessly waste thousands of dollars on Facebook ads with silly mistakes. In a business where a 10% margin can be the difference between profitability and failure, it’s important to maximise every advantage you can get. This article will provide everything you need to know to successfully run Facebook ads on your drop shipping store. It will cover how to structure your ad campaign, the power of the Facebook pixel, leveraging the Facebook algorithm, how to find a profitable target audience and much more.

Benefits of Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

There are plenty of reasons why Facebook ads are so popular amongst drop shippers. Firstly, it contains an in-built audience of over 1 billion people, many of whom will have some use for your product. Similarly, Facebook has incredibly powerful targeting options that allow you to specifically target the users most likely to purchase from you. Instead of having to waste money running ads to an audience that has no interest in your product, you can rest assured that Facebook will only run ads to an active and engaged audience. Lastly, Facebook ads are incredibly efficient to scale. Once you’ve created a profitable ad campaign, there is only a minimal amount of work necessary to keep bringing in consistent income.

How to Structure Facebook Ad Campaigns for Your Dropshipping Stores

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of running Facebook ads, let’s get into the real meat of the article; how to make them profitable. Firstly, you want to select the objective of your Facebook ad campaign as “Conversions”. The goal of your e-commerce stores is to sell products and this objective helps to reflect that. You can subsequently optimise your ad campaigns for purchases, in turn allowing you to use the incredible data of the Facebook pixel.

Once this is sorted, it’s time to craft the ads that your potential customers will see on the front end. Here you’ll need to determine your budget and ad schedule, creatives and visuals, audience targeting and call-to-action. The optimal way to do this is to split-test certain elements of your campaign each time. For example, you can test whether 18-24-year olds or 25-34-year olds engage with your product better or which copywriting your audience seems to prefer. From this, you can construct your best performing ad and continue to scale this.

Utilising the Facebook Pixel

A huge reason behind the popularity of Facebook ads amongst drop shippers is the immense benefits that the Facebook pixel offers. This is an analytical tool that tracks key events on your drop shipping store, such as add to carts, initiate checkouts and purchases. Each time these events occur, the Facebook pixel will trigger and create a report for this action. Importantly, it will also develop a custom audience based on the people who have visited your store and initiated these events.

This information can then be used to create a Lookalike audience. Facebook sees the people who are already interacting with your store and analyses its entire user base to find similar users that will be the most likely to also purchase from you. These are potential goldmines that can significantly increase the overall profit margins of your drop shipping stores. Similarly, the Facebook Pixel is essential for retargeting. Retargeting allows you to show your advertisements again to customers that have visited your store previously but are yet to make a purchase. As people are much more likely to purchase from you on their second or third visit to your store, this is another incredibly profitable form of advertising that the Facebook pixel enables.

Leveraging the Facebook Algorithm

A huge problem with drop shippers running Facebook ads is that they just don’t understand what Facebook wants you to run. The Facebook algorithm is an excellent piece of machine learning technology that Facebook uses to automatically optimise your ads. To lower your average ad cost on Facebook, you’ll need to provide positive and relevant content to a specific proportion of their users. This is why we typically recommend starting out with a niche drop shipping store as opposed to a general one.

Facebook priorities the experience of its users above all else. If you can create an engaging ad that the audience interacts and resonates with, Facebook will in turn reward you with lower advertising costs. This is how you efficiently leverage the Facebook algorithm to your advantage. You create an attractive offer to a specific set of Facebook users, leveraging information from the pixel to rapidly scale your drop shipping stores.

Identifying Profitable Target Audiences

Now we’ve made it to the final section, the elusive target audiences. This can often be the difference between success and failure in Facebook ads. Far too many Facebook ads newbies make very costly mistakes here. For drop shippers, by far the best countries to target are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Not only are these all amongst the most affluent countries, they are all also allowed to receive e-packets, by far the best form of drop shipping packaging.

There are a few other important ad settings to note. Firstly, you should uncheck the ‘expand interests’ box. Secondly, you should keep your target age very broad and keep your genders set to all. Your Facebook ad campaigns will naturally begin to optimise to whichever audience engages with them the most. Lastly comes the all-important ‘feed’ options. I recommend going with just the Facebook and Instagram feed for this one, as these are the places where your prospective buyers are most likely to be. Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of Facebook ads from a drop shipping perspective, it’s time to get started!

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