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About product sourcing (drop shipping) Ebay

Product sourcing (sometimes called drop shipping) is one way to sell items on eBay. Sellers using a product sourcing service never handle the item—instead it is sent directly from a warehouse to the buyer. The seller collects money from the buyer and pays the product sourcer for the item. This benefits both the buyer and seller. By purchasing in bulk from a product sourcer, the seller gets a discount and can pass those savings to the buyer.

Is product sourcing allowed?

Selling using a product sourcing service is allowed on eBay as long as the seller can guarantee that the item will be delivered to the buyer within 30 days of the end of the listing. Sellers who choose to sell using this method are responsible for the item and their buyer's satisfaction just like any other eBay seller. If there is a problem, it's the seller's responsibility to work it out with the buyer.

Do sellers have to tell buyers the item is from a product sourcer?

Sellers don't need to indicate in the listing that an item is from a sourcer.

Should I be concerned about buying an item from a seller using a product sourcer?

All sellers, including those who use sourcers, are responsible for making sure that the correct item reaches the buyer in good condition and within a reasonable amount of time. Buying an item from a seller using a product sourcer is no different from buying any other item. You still get the same eBay Money Back Guarantee.



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