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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Dropshipping Niche

Niche selection is often one of the most difficult parts to get right for any newbie dropshipper. It’s important not to rush this step either. You want to do all the research beforehand so that you can find a niche that is profitable and matches with your personal interests. Considering these 5 factors in your niche will be the first step to profitability with your dropshipping stores.

Passionate Audience

You want to run your dropshipping store in a niche that people are passionate about. Whether it’s a lifestyle, belief system or sporting team, it’s no secret that passion sells. Instead of having to convince your audience to sell by using logic, you can now convince them with very powerful emotional selling. Do your research both online and in-person and you’ll find a ton of niches that people are passionate about and spend significant money on every day.

Wide selection of Instagram influencers

As we’ve outlined before, using Instagram influencers is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to put your product in front of an engaged audience. As such, you need to be looking out for relevant Instagram influencers when evaluating a dropshipping niche. Ideally, you want a niche that has a plethora of influencers with a following of at least 50k. This is even better if there are also several influencers with followings of over 250k, as this puts you in a strong position to take advantage of intermediate strategies.

Strong Facebook Ad Targeting Options

Whilst Instagram shoutouts are a great way to drive traffic for beginning dropshippers, it’s no secret that the real money is made with Facebook ads. However, to make this money, you need a wide array of targeting options that you can use to put your product in front of the most engaged audience possible. Look for a niche that has a ton of related interests and behaviours, as well as a popular demographic. Partner with a powerful dropshipping agency and you could leverage these Facebook Ads to rapidly scale your business.

Reputable Suppliers on Ali Express

Dropshipping can become a nightmare if you don’t have a reputable and professional supplier that can fulfil your orders. On popular dropshipping sites like Ali Express, you’ll find that many of the suppliers aren’t all that reliable. What you want to look for is a niche that has 3-5 sellers with at least a 95% positive rating, each offering complementary products. This will serve to protect you and your dropshipping stores in the event that one of your suppliers suddenly stops fulfilling orders.

Successful Stores Within Your Niche

A common misconception that many dropshippers have is that you don’t want any competition within your niche. This simply isn’t the case. If there is no-one operating within your niche, chances are that it isn’t profitable. What you want to identify are dropshipping stores that are making consistent profits but also have noticeable flaws in them. This allows you to take the best parts of their store, combine them with your own strategies and subsequently outperform them.

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