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5 Things That All Successful Dropshipping Stores Have in Common

In an increasingly competitive environment, the owners of dropshipping stores must implement innovative and unique strategies to succeed. Ideally, you’ll be able to identify a passionate audience that you can provide value to and then upsell them on the backend. This comprehensive article identifies 5 things that all successful dropshipping stores are doing and outlines why you need to start implementing them. Maximise your profit margins and brand longevity with each of these engaging tips.

Reliable Suppliers

Whether you’re using Ali Express or you’ve found a local fulfillment centre, a reliable supplier is vital to any successful dropshipping store. Poor suppliers have ruined many dropshipping stores with damaged products and lengthy shipping times. Whilst you can’t control what your supplier does, you can ensure that you take every measure to find a reliable and reputable supplier. Ideally, you’ll be able to identify sellers in your niche who regularly receive 5-star ratings on Ali Express and have thousands of orders completed.

Fulfillment App such as Oberlo

Fulfillment apps like Oberlo significantly reduce the time it takes to process your customer orders. It instantly transfers all of the shipping information your customer has typed into Shopify to the Ali Express order page. These apps effectively changed the dropshipping game and made the order fulfillment process so much more efficient. This frees up extra time that will allow you to focus on higher ROI activities such as marketing and sourcing profitable products.

Reliable Source of Traffic

Even the best marketing in the world won’t generate sales if you aren’t able to attract an audience to your site. Whether it’s paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram or organic SEO through Google and Yahoo, you simply need to be able to get as many eyes on your product as possible. Profitably acquiring traffic is a very valued skill that will also prove useful in other aspects of digital marketing. Once visitors have made it to your product page, utilise effective copywriting and engaging images to convert them into customers.

Passionate Audience

A passionate and engaged audience is so much more likely to purchase from you than a disengaged and uninterested one. Your market research should centre around identifying a passionate group of people that your products can provide value to. Learning the pain points of this audience and how to market to them still represents the best way to be profitable with dropshipping. In a game of margins, this could ultimately be the difference between profitability and your store failing within 3 months.

Backend Marketing Strategies

The majority of money to be made in dropshipping is on the backend. With advertising costs consistently on the rise, increasing your average customer value allows you to profitably spend more acquiring them. By implementing an effective e-mail sequence, up-sells and cross-sells, you’ll be able to significantly increase your profit margins. This helps set you apart from every dropshipper just doing Facebook advertising for a one-off sale.

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