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4 Shopify Apps That Will Take Your Dropshipping Store to The Next Level

There is a lot of discussion in the dropshipping community about Shopify apps and how they can help your store. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend going overboard, installing the right apps will make your store appear more professional and reputable. The following 4 apps are all that you need to take your Shopify store to the next level.

Best Currency Converter

As a dropshipper, you’re simply leaving money on the table if you aren’t targeting multiple countries. When starting out, I’d recommend targeting at least the ‘big 4’ of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The thing is that all of these countries have different currencies and unfortunately Shopify doesn’t convert them.

The Best Currency Converter app is a great solution to this problem. It will detect the location of your customer and automatically convert the price into their local currency. Similarly, it gives you the option of ensuring that all prices end in .99 regardless of country, which has proven to increase conversion rate.

Ali Reviews

Social proof is a huge factor in convincing your store visitors to become customers. Think about it. Would you be more inclined to purchase from a store with dozens of satisfied customers? Or one that had no reviews at all. The answer is pretty obvious here.

Ali Reviews will fix this exact problem for you. It imports real reviews from real customers of the products you are selling on Ali Express. Just starting out with your store? No problem. This gives you instant social proof.


Scarcity and urgency are two well-known tactics used by marketers to take their store to the next level. The best ways to do this are by limiting the time that a product is available for a certain price and limiting the quantity. This ethically forces consumers to act quickly and part with their money.

Hurrify is currently the best app on the market for doing this. You will be able to set a recurring sales timer so that every customer who visits your store will have to act quickly for fear of missing this great deal. Try Hurrify for even just 2 weeks and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the impact it has.

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Charging extra for shipping is known to significantly decrease your conversion rate. I understand there are costs involved in shipping the products to your customers but this should be incorporated in your base price. Don’t charge customers twice!

The Free Shipping Bar app does a great job of communicating this value to your customers. Make it stand out so that it’s the first thing customers see when visiting your store. Knowing that there are no extra costs involved makes them much more likely to purchase.

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