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3 Steps to Increase your eBay Feedback Score

The eBay feedback score system is critical to your success if you are wanting to be a business seller due to it being the focal point of a seller’s reputation. Your feedback score represents the number of eBay members that are satisfied with the transaction that has taken place between you and the other party. The feedback score can affect your rank in the eBay search results and maintaining a great score can earn you a discount on your eBay fees. If you are left with a significantly large number of negative feedback your account can be suspended. The higher your feedback score, the more comfortable someone will be when looking into doing business with you.

Be aware that eBay members can only leave feedback on your account once and your success depends upon the feedback left by other users. If you are looking into becoming an eBay seller or wanting to improve your feedback, here are some ethical steps to increase your feedback score in no time at all:  

Step One: Find the Ultra Cheap

Search on eBay for products that will cost you next to nothing. You can use the eBay search feature to find items which cost anywhere from $0.01 to $1.00. It is up to you with how much you want to invest in your feedback score.

Type free shipping into the search bar and you’ll be surprised at all the low priced items that you find. The key is finding cheap items with free shipping from a variety of different sellers. Here are some examples of the best things to type into the search bar: 1, 2, 3, 4, free, new, digital wallpaper, digital, eBook, iPhone, iPad, eBook, recipe, the, it, free shipping, and, lot or for.

Make sure you have found items from different sellers as sellers can only leave one lot of feedback on a page and update it accordingly.

In the image below you can see how to set up the best search:

Step Two: Buy the Ultra Cheap

Now you want to either bid on the items you have found or speed up the process by purchasing the item right away with the “Buy It Now” option. If the seller offers PayPal as a form of payment then make sure to pay for the item straightaway. Double check that you are buying from different sellers each time and that the item has free shipping before completing the payment. Remember to complete payments in a timely manor so that you are more likely to gain a 5 star feedback rating from the seller.

If you are in need of office supplies for running your home office or even in need of personal or household items then make sure to buy those off eBay. Doing this means you will be able to increase your feedback score easily on an ongoing basis through both buying and selling.

Step Three: Communicate

Next step is to send a follow up message to the seller thanking them for the auction or allowing you to purchase from them.  Make sure to mention that you paid promptly and kindly ask them to leave positive feedback. Remember to always leave feedback for the seller when the item arrives, as some sellers tend not to leave feedback unless it is left for them. If the seller hasn’t left feedback make sure to follow up with them once you have provided them with feedback.

Always be prompt and polite when answering eBay messages from customers and provide them with positive feedback and ask them to return the favour. Purchasing items to increase your feedback score can cost you a few dollars depending on what you have bought. However, if you’re planning on doing business on eBay, this method will get you up and running fast with a great feedback score. 

If you need assistance with selling on eBay or want to improve your store, Marketing Global Stores is here to help. We take the guesswork out of selling on eBay so that you can concentrate on growing your business. We can provide you with product suppliers, training and strategies to help your business grow. Get in contact with us today!



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